FieldView Documentation

    FieldView documentation includes several components. Each component is downloadable from this page. The tutorials include step-by-step examples for using FieldView and the instructions are part of the FieldView User’s Guide. The datasets corresponding to the tutorials are available for separate download below. New users should review both the How To document and the tutorials of interest. Read about product accessibility in our 508 Compliance document.

    Documentation and tutorial files are provided to you under your license to use FieldView. If you are not licensed, or your organization is not licensed, to use or evaluate FieldView, do not download or read these files. FieldView CFD forbids the publication of these files. You may post them within your organization’s intranet, but they may not be posted on the open internet or distributed in any electronic or printed form. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

    The basic elements of the documentation package are:

    • Working with FieldView: This document introduces basic features and controls. The FieldView interface and XDB import are explained here along with descriptions of basic features. Annotated panels show how the interface works for each feature group.
    • User’s Guide: The User’s Guide covers FieldView installation, Getting Started, Licensing and Tutorials. Each tutorial will guide you through industry-specific techniques for creating the visualization of your choice. Some of the industries covered include aerospace, turbomachinery, and automotive.
    • Reference Manual: The Reference Manual covers FieldView features in more detail. It also includes information on how to automate FieldView (Chapters 4 and 5), how to convert your data into cylindrical coordinates (Chapter 3), how to write files in the FieldView Unstructured format (Appendix D), how to build a User Defined Reader (Appendix D) and how to export data and define color formats (Chapter 1 and appendix E).
    • Welcome to FieldView 21 (PDF): This document highlights the new features associated with this FieldView release. More detail on the new features are provided in the User’s Guide and Reference Manual.
    • Installation Guide (PDF): In addition to providing the basic installation instructions for FieldView and the Advanced Technology Viewer, this document provides additional information concerning certified and supported platforms, licensing and post installation tasks such as configuring FieldView Parallel.
    • Quick Reference card (PDF): a nice tri-fold reminder of the most useful FieldView command line options, environment variables, FVX functions and Script commands. A must-have for all FieldView users!

    Or download all the documents above in a single ZIP package: FieldView Documentation Package

    FieldView Supported Platforms and Download