What’s New in FieldView 21

FieldView Business Manager, Yves-Marie Lefebvre, introduces FieldView 21:
• The new Auto Partitioner – a first for a post processor!
• Licensing, Portal, and Policy changes.

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FieldView 21 Comes Loaded with New Capabilities

FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice when engineers must deliver better results within fast design cycles. Use FieldView to make your decisions quickly and with confidence.

New Auto Partitioner

Finally benefit from MPI Parallel even when your data has a single grid or has poorly balanced node counts across grids.

Auto Partitioner

Time to read a case and then plot a large Iso Surface with the new Auto Partitioner.

  • FieldView will automatically compute an optimal partition on the fly, at read time.
  • MPI Parallel speeds up most operations: Data Input, Surfaces Creation…
  • When running on a cluster, MPI Parallel gives you access to more distributed memory, allowing you to load larger datasets.
  • Ghost cells can be added automatically.
  • Currently supported for structured datasets (PLOT3D and OVERFLOW readers).
  • Available to all customers with licenses for FieldView Parallel 32 and above.
Ghost Cells

Ghost cells can be added for increased continuity across newly created partitions.

New License Manager

RLM provides best-in-class ease-of-use and reliability.

  • Point FieldView to a license right from its interface, from the Help > Licensing panel.
  • Easily setup the License Manager with RLM’s browser-based interface.
  • Use the new Roaming feature to run FieldView even when you can’t connect to your license server.
  • Simplified procedures for Single-Systems, License Transfers and for running the License Manager on a Virtual Machine (VM).
  • Use a single License Manager to serve seats for all our products: FieldView, Tecplot 360, Tecplot RS…

New License Manager

Linear Duplication

Get a more global view of your periodic simulations.

  • Duplicate your dataset in any direction.
  • Control the number of copies and the period for each direction.
  • Streamlines and Surface Flows automatically extend across periodic boundary conditions.

Linear Duplication

New Signed Installation Packages

FieldView is now safer to install and execute.

  • Our installation packages and executables are digitally signed (Windows and macOS)
  • FieldView is now a macOS app, for easier installation.
Signed Install Packages

New Signed Installation Packages

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For a full list of all the new features and enhancements, check out the What’s New in FieldView 21 page on our website.