FieldView and Tecplot in One Place

FieldView and Tecplot continue to work together to make it easy for our users to access downloads, manage their licenses, and track support tickets all in one place.

One Portal

At the same time as the release of FieldView version 21 (starting on or about December 1st, 2021), our customers will be able to manage their licenses and download software packages for both FieldView and Tecplot from a single portal called User accounts from the FieldView Customer Portal have been transferred to However, for security reasons, FieldView customers will need to reset their passwords the first time they log in. FieldView customers who also have a account will use the account to access FieldView packages. Only one account will be needed. Go to

One License Manager

Beginning with our coming release, FieldView 21, FieldView and Tecplot will both use the Reprise License Manager (RLM). This license manager offers superior stability, maintainability, and ease of use compared to FieldView’s previous license manager. In addition, customers using both FieldView and Tecplot will only need to install and run a single instance of RLM.

For more information on the switch to RLM, see the FAQs.

One Simplified License Policy

We’re making several changes to simplify the FieldView licensing policies.

  • Annual Keys: Like Tecplot (and most CAE vendors) FieldView licenses will now be delivered as annual keys for all customers. Perpetual license customers will receive a new key each year as part of their maintenance renewal. Or you can request a new key from the “Licences and Keys” section of
  • License Transfers: If you wish to transfer your license to a new server, you can do so with a simpler online transfer request form found at
  • Keys for New Versions: New keys will no longer be needed to run the latest software version.
  • Virtual Machines: Customers using virtual machines (VMs) will now be able to run the License Manager on a VM without having to sign a separate agreement or install extra software.

We hope you agree that these changes will make it simpler and easier to manage your FieldView downloads and licenses. Thank you for your continued support. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

FieldView License Manager Transition FAQs

Q: Are old FieldView licenses compatible with the new Reprise License Manager?

A: No, FieldView version 21 will only run with the Reprise License Manager (RLM) and FieldView version 20 and earlier will only run with FlexNet.

Q: What if I want to access both old and new versions?

A: We are committed to making this change as smooth as possible for all users. We strongly encourage all users to update to FieldView version 21 as there are no incompatibility issues (except for the license manager) between FieldView 21 and older versions. Users will be able to read older Scripts and Restarts and all the tools they rely on are available as with previous versions. If you have a requirement to run an older version or want time to transition to the new version, please contact the FieldView Sales team at We are happy to discuss your needs and work with you on a transition plan.

Q: Is the FieldView RLM compatible with the RLM I am using for other software?

A: Yes. You will be able to add FieldView to an existing instance of RLM that you use for other tools, such as Tecplot 360.

Q: How can I transfer my license to a new server?

A: Please complete the simple on-line form found at

Q: I purchased a perpetual license, why did I receive an annual key?

A: Issuing annual keys allows us to make license transfers and licensing Virtual Machines easier. Annual keys are now the industry standard. Annual keys will be issued automatically each year as the termination date approaches. Or you can request a new key from the “Licenses and keys” section of