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Windows LMTOOLS Not Creating Log or License Files

Why is no log file created and no license service started when I use Windows LMTOOLS (configured with a log file) to start my license FieldView license service?

As of License Manager version 11.13 (which we began to distribute after the release of FieldView 16), the license file must be placed in %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\ (typically C:\ProgramData) when starting your license while the Use Services option is checked on.

Note that if the log file already exists from a license service which was started ​without ​ the LMTOOLS Use Services button checked, it will first need to be removed.

Flexera, the makers of the License Manager, have provided the following details:
“This is because a LocalService service does not by default have sufficient privilege to write the server debug log to (a subdirectory of) Windows Program Files or Users directories. In FlexNet Publisher 2015 (11.13.1), a change was made to run Windows license server services with LocalService privilege instead of LocalSystem privilege, following the least-privilege security best practice.”