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12 Groups, 11 Organizations, 9 Solvers, 3 Countries, 1 HPC Cloud

The world’s helicopter community came together to study the complex physics of rotorcraft in hover using CFD. They needed a HPC collaboration hub that minimized researchers’ efforts to collaborate in full 3D. We made it work for the AIAA Hover Prediction Workshop and we can make it work for you.

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Join Dr. Nathan Hariharan, Chair, AIAA Helicopter Hover Prediction Workshop, Dr. Earl Duque, Manager of Applied Research at Intelligent Light, and Michael Senizaiz, ‎Chief Technology Officer at R Systems, as they explore how work done to support the Hover Prediction Workshop is yielding valuable lessons for any organization looking to streamline its CFD workflow.

“This method of aggregating data and standardizing the interrogation of the data, especially large scale, full 3D multiphyisics data is very, very necessary and very, very useful. This partnership is exciting and we are exploring the boundaries of what we can achieve with this.”

                          Nathan Hariharan
Chair, AIAA Helicopter Hover Prediction Workshop

Learn how Intelligent Light and R Systems provide the CFD expertise and on-demand HPC capability to make this high-performance CFD workflow a reality:

  • Enable data sharing among many disparate members of the organization: CFD Engineers, Designers, Managers and Customers

  • Compare many different cases, even those with different meshes or from different solvers, etc.

  • Derive higher order features, like vortex path, automatically for comparison

  • Standardize the workflow so that input from many groups can be compared side by side, both visually and numerically

  • Utilize on-demand HPC resources to run automated post-processing workflows across all the datasets producing standardized outputs, and enabling collaboration 

A live Q & A with the speakers will follow the presentation. 



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Nathan Hariharan  Earl P. N. Duque Michael Senizaiz
Chair, AIAA Helicopter Hover Prediction Workshop Manager of Applieed Research at Intelligent Light ‎Chief Technology Officer at R Systems