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CREATE™–AV team and Intelligent Light tackle 45 seconds of flight time
with unique in situ XDB workflow

With a goal of improved pilot training for sea-based aircraft operations, the CREATE–AV team took on the task of coupling CREATE–AV Kestrel to the Navy flight simulator CASTLE.  This two-way coupling might lead to better simulation of a difficult landing environment.

The high temporal fidelity of 45 seconds at 60 files per second meant that an innovative approach would be needed to handle the data.  The CREATE–AV team reached out to Intelligent Light for help.   The unique workflow combined libsim and FieldView XDBs (extracts) to enable detailed animations that gave physical insight in hours rather than days.

You will learn: 

  • Benefits of in situ post-processing
  • Basics of implementing an in situ workflow
  • How to utilize XDB extracts that are 10 to 1,000X smaller than solution data


Speaker Biographies

Jim Forsythe is an Aerospace Engineer working for the Navy at Patuxent River NAS in the Aerodynamics and Store Separation branch.  He does development and quality assurance work for the DOD HPCMP Create-Air Vehicles program.  He received a B.S. and M.Eng. from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. from Wichita State University.  He flew KC-135s for the Air Force and taught at the Air Force Academy while on active duty.  He has also worked for Cobalt Solutions, taught at UNH and UMD as an Affiliate Professor, and served as a N.H. State Senator.

Brad Whitlock is a visualization and post-processing engineer in Intelligent Light’s Applied Research Group. He is also a founding developer of VisIt, a massively parallel visualization tool designed for high performance computing environments. Brad joined Intelligent Light in 2013 to develop a hardened version of VisIt that will serve as an enabling technology for Intelligent Light’s commercial data analysis and visualization products. Prior to joining Intelligent Light, Brad spent 15 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developing visualization and analysis software for HPC environments.


The archive for this webinar is now available. View Recording.


Jim Forsythe, Ph.D. Brad Whitlock, Ph.D.

Jim Forsythe, Ph.D.
Software Quality Assurance, CREATE-AV

Brad Whitlock
Post-Processing & Visualization Engineer, Intelligent Light