You have the data; now you need decisions. Harness the full value of your CFD solution data by post-processing with FieldView. Get to vital insights and answers faster, more accurately, and more easily than you ever thought possible. FieldView’s unprecedented speed, performance, and productivity tools combine with true ease-of-use: create highly productive, flexible CFD workflows that work the way you want them to work.

Put FieldView’s power in your hands and

  • Interactively explore and present data that truly illuminates the behavior of a design.
  • Run multiple simulations quickly and efficiently with FieldView’s simple yet powerful automation tools.
  • See your design come to life; investigate complex phenomena hidden in mountains of data with the industry’s most advanced visualization capabilities.
  • Create vivid animations and meaningful presentations that enhance collaboration and understanding.

Readily scalable FieldView seamlessly handles datasets of any size, even billions of nodes. It leverages today’s HPC resources so you increase capacity and throughput and reduce turnaround time.

  • Use FieldView on a desktop, a cluster, or on the cloud
  • Scale up or scale out using parallel and concurrent batch processing using FieldView Power Tools 
  • Utilize compact, high-performance XDB files to store, transfer, and interact with large and/or unsteady results
  • Use free XDBview for interactive review and collaboration.

Flexible and extendable, FieldView puts you in control, giving you robust, intuitive tools that let you shape the CFD workflow to best suit your specific needs and engineering environment. FieldView is 100% backward compatible, and cost-effective to implement.

So, what can you do with FieldView? Everything you need to, and more than you expect.

Try Fieldview Now!


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