Introducing HPC FieldView - Ultrascale CFD processing and visualization for engineering.

Business and engineering leaders are eager to utilize High Performance Computing (HPC) to perform better engineering faster while reducing design risk. Running CFD simulations with hundreds of thousands of HPC compute cores generates detailed solutions quickly. These solutions must be processed and interrogated to deliver useful information and this process must keep up with the HPC pace. HPC FieldView gives you the ability to harness ultrascale HPC to process solutions, deliver timely answers and create the agility to work with and share the datasets.

HPC FieldView brings the usability and reliability of FieldView together with the ultrascale capability of VisIt. Scale to hundreds of thousands of cores without changing your user interface, software licenses or investment. Whether you use the FieldView parallel server or the ultrascalable VisIt engine, the FieldView user interface is the same!

VisIt is ultrascale visualization software developed by the US Department of Energy. The VisIt engine in HPC FieldView is a hardened, fully supported version of VisIt with new CFD capability and FieldView integration.

Performance, Choice and Value

  • Scalable results processing and powerful visualization capability
  • Data readers for dozens of data formats
  • Premier in situ processing engine for CFD via VisIt and Libsim
  • Export results to FieldView XDBs to manage data size and enable interactive post-processing
  • No cost penalty for scalability, even with very large systems
  • Tested, quality software release combines all current community and IL contributions into one distribution
  • No in-house software development requirement
  • Fully tested and supported releases, no compiling
  • Direct access to VisIt expert users and developers via professional support team

HPCFV choice


VisIt gives FieldView Users

  • Over 100 new readers: HDF5, CHOMBO, EXODUS II, NetCDF, XDMF etc.
  • Proven scalability on 100s of thousands of cores
  • Scalable ray cast and volume rendering on HPC nodes
  • In situ (live or batch connection directly to solver memory) operation using libsim

FieldView gives VisIt Users

  • Ease of use & productivity 
  • Robust & reliable engineering software
  • High speed, presentation-quality graphics
  • 3D PDF export
  • Key-frame animation
  • Backwards compatibility protects your investments in workflow productivity
  • Data management with



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