A powerful and easy-to-learn scripting tool for automation, FieldView FVX swiftly delivers tremendous benefits in workflow speed and efficiency. You’ll save significant time and effort and boost productivity and throughput.

FieldView FVX helps minimize processing and focuses your organization’s most valuable resources – people and time – on analysis and knowledge creation. Capture your best practices and organizational knowledge with standardized routines that launch automatically, are portable across platforms and datasets, and don’t break with changes in data or software revisions.

With a universe of about 60 commands, script creation is straightforward – no need to learn complicated programming language. FieldView automatically generates FVX scripts, giving you a ready foundation to build on and extend.

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Standardize plots and animations
  • Create specialized plots, reports and analysis tools
  • Generate images, animations and numerical reports automatically
  • Quickly create FieldView XDB extract files for interrogation, archiving and collaboration.
  • Easily integrate existing Python routines
  • Easily generate application-specific GUIs


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