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Virtual ATCx - Computational Fluid Dynamics

On July 22, Yves-Marie Lefebvrepresented at the ATCx CFD virtual event hosted by our partner Altair where he shared some input on how to easily create and deliver compelling animations, visualizing your data and supporting your analyses using FieldView.  The recording is available from the event's website.

Corvid goes hypersonic with FieldView

Our friends at Corvid Technologies used FieldView to analyze the flowfield around a hypersonic glide vehicle. AIAA is using this image for an article in the June edition of Aerospace America. The results were obtained with Corvid Technologies own solver RavenCFD. Mesh by Pointwise.

For more information, read the full article here.

The flowfield around a notional NASA hypersonic glide vehicle was computed by Corvid Technologies using its RavenCFD flow solver.

Come See Us at AIAA SciTech 2020

ultraFluidX results courtesy of Altair. Post-processing with FieldView

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando at SciTech 2020.

SciTech is a great way to start the new year.  We see old friends, meet new friends and always have a lot to share. This year we have some exciting news​ and a new FieldView release we can't wait to show you.

As you may already know, FieldView CFD, Inc. is the new home of FieldView. FieldView CFD is dedicated to delivering the same quality software and  support that you have all come to rely on. For more information about this change, look here.

FieldView 19 was just released and brings the speed and clarity you need to bring your CFD results to life.  Check out the "What's New" for FieldView 19 and please be sure to come to our booth to get a demo.

Visit booth #117 for a one-on-one demo of the new FieldView 19Request a meeting

The Pre-Post Party is the place to be on Wednesday night. We will have drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and you will have a chance to talk to Pointwise, Tecplot, and FieldView folks and our other guests. Whether you want to discuss CFD or just kick back and relax, this is the place to be.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, Room: Celebration 10
Map to Reception


Announcing FieldView 19

Bring CFD to Life with greater Speed and Clarity

FieldView CFD, Inc. is proud to announce the release of FieldView 19.Download it today from our Customer Center.

LS-DYNA results courtesy of LSTC. Post-processing by FieldView

2019 has brought many changes for the FieldView team. As you may know, Intelligent Light spun out the FieldView product and FieldView CFD, Inc. is now a separate company dedicated to delivering the same quality products and services that the FieldView user community has come to rely on.

With that commitment in mind, we are delivering yet another yearly release on time. We hope you find that it speeds your work, brings greater clarity to your CFD solutions and does so with improved ease of use.

FieldView 19 brings you:

  • Hybrid Parallelism with Multithreading – Streamline and Curved Vector calculation up to 13x faster than previous versions. Hybrid parallelism combines MPI and Multithread parallel for the best possible performance.
  • "Arrow & Line" display type for Surface Flows – see local direction of the flow more easily with arrows on top of your flow lines.
  • Improved color map selectors with larger menus that are customizable and easy to read.
  • New achromatic colormaps bring clarity through linearly varying luminance.
  • Enhanced boundary clipping helps you focus on the area of greatest interest.
  • Filter Bar on Function Selections help you get to the functions you need quickly.
  • License manager update for greater security. Note: This license manager update is required to run FieldView 19.
  • Scripting, FVX and Python improvements make it easier to do more in batch.
  • Updated readers for Altair ultraFluidX, Altair AcuSolve and Ensight.

For a full list of all the new features and enhancements, check out What's New in FV 19.

FieldView 19 is available for download now at the new FieldView Customer Center at Your existing user name and log in remain the same, but if you have any trouble getting access, please send an email to

We would like to thank the FieldView user community for your support and excellent suggestions. We look forward to continuing to serve you from our new home at FieldView CFD, Inc.


Intelligent Light Spins Off FieldView to Vela Software

Rutherford, NJ (November 8, 2019) - For more than twenty-five years, Intelligent Light has advanced the world of CFD post-processing through its FieldView software. In October 2019, Intelligent Light sold the right to develop, sell and support FieldView to Vela Software International. Vela is the same company that purchased Tecplot four years ago and has helped the Tecplot business thrive to the benefit of Tecplot users worldwide.

"When I decided to spin out the FieldView product, I was looking for a home for the FieldView team that would ensure that FieldView had a bright future and would continue to provide the same level of excellence in CFD post-processing to our customers," said Steve M. Legensky, Founder and President of Intelligent Light. "Seeing how Vela helped Tecplot grow, I felt good about trusting them with FieldView. Spinning out FieldView enables Intelligent Light to focus on serving the CFD community with tools for data management, in situ and extract workflows, data analytics, engineering risk reduction and workflow optimization."

The new company, FieldView CFD, Inc., will join a family with Tecplot and Tecplot Europe (formerly Genias Graphics GmbH). FieldView CFD, Inc. will be a separate group dedicated to delivering for the FieldView user while being able to take advantage of the synergies of scale that joining a large group like Vela provides.

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, who has been the FieldView Product Chief for the past five years, will head up the new company as the FieldView Business Director.

"While there is no plan to merge Tecplot and FieldView, we will be looking for opportunities to improve interoperability," said Yves-Marie Lefebvre, FieldView Business Director. "In addition, we will continue to draw on the research team at Intelligent Light for cutting edge technologies in the areas of large data handling and data analytics. Best of all, Tecplot and FieldView users won't have to choose one or the other tool but can continue to rely on both tools for their individual strengths."

"Vela is known for buying and holding, dedicated to the long-term success of the business they invest in," said Steve Legensky. "They have contracted me to act as a technology consultant for both FieldView CFD and Tecplot. I am excited by the opportunity to help customers through FieldView, Tecplot and Intelligent Light synergies."

"Vela is pleased to acquire the FieldView product which is crucial to many CFD engineers' work," said John Billowits, Vela Software CEO. "We look forward to maintaining and improving FieldView over the years to come while continuing to provide the world-class support that users expect."

For more information about FieldView sales and support, please contact