FieldView CFD

FieldView CFD is the company behind the unique software family called FieldView. FieldView is a visualization and analysis tool (also called a post-processor) developed specifically for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

We are based in Rutherford, New Jersey, home to our software development, sales, and support teams. We also have sales and support staff in Germany and France. We work with distributors in Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia, and Taiwan. Everywhere else, we sell and support FieldView directly.

I am proud to lead our team of computer graphics engineers, HPC experts, CFD practitioners and dedicated account managers. Some of them have been working on FieldView for over 25 years.

FieldView History

FieldView has a long history, rooted in computer graphics and aerospace.

Timeline for FieldView

FieldView Timeline

In October 2019, the FieldView software has been spun off from Intelligent Light to Vela. A new company, FieldView CFD, has been formed to continue maintaining and improving FieldView. With our new organization, we have the agility and passion of a startup combined with the support and financial stability of a large group.

FieldView Customers

Just like our staff, many of our customers have been with us for decades and often develop personal relationships with their FieldView contacts. The FieldView user community is the source of many feature requests and participates in testing new versions. They rely on FieldView because they know their scripts and restarts, sometimes created more than ten years ago, will continue to work in new FieldView versions for years to come.

One of the great rewards of our jobs is discussing with users from various industries what challenges they’re facing with CFD and finding ways to help them push the limits of this fascinating technology. I encourage you to check some of their applications in our Gallery Section.

We take pride in FieldView being used around the world to design such diverse products as the aircraft you fly in, the cars you drive or your next dishwasher. And we’re looking forward to work with you too.


Yves-Marie Lefebvre
FieldView Business Director

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