FieldView is High Quality
High Quality

Good looking, realistic images and movies help you understand and communicate. Bring your CFD results to life for your customers, management and other engineers.

Create Realistic Images with Material Rendering, Reflected Environments and Backgrounds

  • Predefined materials including Glass, Chrome and Rubber
  • Background images enhance the scene
  • Choose from over 16 million colors for a virtually unlimited palette
  • Save movies to portable MP4, for your YouTube and PowerPoint presentations
  • Choose from pre-defined graphics window size up to 1080p

High Quality also means robust and reliable software that is fast and accurate.


With Large Data, FieldView is Fast

FieldView is faster than our competitors with lower read and draw times using less memory. Get your answers faster and get to the review meeting on time.



  • 8-Process Parallel standard with every floating license
  • Client/Server lets you keep large data on remote HPC with no transfer time required
  • Read large data, even on modest desktop hardware

FieldView gets faster with every release with techniques like Multi-Threading to take advantage of more cores and multi-processor GPUs. FieldView has had MPI based parallel as part of the standard license for over a decade. Combined, these techniques reduce the time it takes to read even the largest data files to get answers faster and process more cases per day.


FieldView is Easy to Use
Easy to Use

FieldView is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to remember. Focus on getting answers instead of struggling with software.

  • One-click animation
  • Restarts and Scripts – automate repetitive tasks
  • Move-draw graphics – no need to “apply” and wait for an update

All the visualization and post-processing tools you need in a simple GUI that is easy to learn and easy to remember

FieldView Makes the Hard Stuff Easy

Unsteady/time-dependent data

  • move through time with a simple slider or one-click animation
  • Your visualization is automatically applied to the new time-step.

Large Data

  • Parallel is standard – reduce read time
  • Client-Server lets you leave large data on remote HPC – no transfer time
  • Cache sweep is a technique we developed to keep your animations in memory so you can move, zoom, and rotate the model as the animation plays. This allows you to explore different angles as the flow develops.

We work hard to make FieldView easy to use. Save time, do more in less time, get the answer you need faster.


FieldView is Reliable

FieldView is robust, reliable software that won’t let you down. Count on your images and animation to be ready in time for the review meeting. Count on FieldView to give you fast, accurate results that help you make decisions.

FieldView is Reliable

FieldView is 100% backward compatible. No need to waste valuable time recreating your scripts or fixing an old macro every time you do a software update. FieldView restarts written in the 1990s can be read into Field View today without a problem. That means you can afford to invest in automation and count on it for the long run.

  • Continual testing means fewer problems in every release.
  • Our vast user community provides years of experience with continual feedback and feature requests that make FieldView better and better.

It’s no wonder that so many CFD practitioners around the world rely on FieldView every day.

See for yourself why so many CFD practitioners rely on FieldView. Try it for free on your own data and with full support from our customer care team. That way you can try our service at the same time as you try our software.