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"I really liked the demonstrations of how to set up the parallel and client-server features. It reduces the effort of learning new things. This was like sitting down with a colleague showing you how to do something."

CFD engineer/aerospace engine designer


Video: Using FieldView in Parallel
Running FieldView in parallel significantly speeds up your post-processing work. This video compares serial, 8, and 64 cores – so you can be the judge!

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Webinar: The FieldView Auto Partitioner
the Auto Partitioner lets you take full advantage of MPI parallel, speeds up data loading and other heavy operations, and does a partition on the fly in real time for certain solvers.
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Webinar Recording: Announcing FieldView 2022

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, FieldView Product Manager and Tecplot CTO, walks you through the many usability and feature improvements in the new release.

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FieldView CFD Post Processing and Visualization

FieldView is high-end CFD Post-Processing at its best with realistic videos and images that help you understand your data. Easy to learn and easy to use, CFD Engineers say it helps them understand, communicate, and automate their work. You’ll find yourself making better decisions more quickly and with confidence. It is robust, reliable software that you can count on – your images and animations will be ready in time for that review meeting! Read more… 

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That’s what our 30-day evaluation is all about. This professional, licensed product may take you a few days to get started, but it will be well worth your time. And we do our best to make learning easy for you. Step-by-step tutorials walk you through post-processing functionality with real-world examples. They are included in the User’s Guide or you can download them individually by industry from our Tutorials page. You will be guided through reading and interrogating the data, and then creating meaningful output. While tutorials are described by industry, all of them demonstrate the basic capabilities and functionalities of FieldView that can be applied to many types of problems.

FieldView Solutions

We have solutions for you in addition to the tutorials mentioned above. Browse the pages linked below to learn how we can help solve the problems you are facing in your industry. 

You may have a few more questions, such as “Will FieldView load my data?” See our list of compatible solver interfaces. If your code isn’t listed, please contact our support team. Is your platform compatible? Check out our supported platforms. Additional resources to help you get started are videos and webinars. If you have questions or run into any issues, check out our FAQs or contact Technical Support.

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